Bush & City Shapeable Leather Hat

Bush and City Shapable & Bushwalker - UPF 50+

Don't Settle For A Copy When You Can Buy The Original !

Female Modeling Bush and City Shapeable, Waxed and Oiled Brown

Bush & City Shapable Leather Hat

This Australian Cowboy or Outback hat is designed with a classic, pinched crown. The brim has been reinforced with a bendable wire so the hat can be easily shaped as desired. You can go from a flat style brim to the slope of the outback to the roll of the western cowboy hat. This hat is like having a few hats all in one because of it's flexibility. The leather has been treated with waxes and oils to guard against the elements and offers excellent U.V. Protection against skin cancer on your head. This Outback hat has also been fitted with a comfortable suede sweat band. The model below is wearing the Bush & City Waxed and Oiled Brown. Available in black or brown only.

Brim Width = 3" or 7.62 Centimeters Crown Height = 3-3/4" or 9.52 Centimeters

Customer Steve from Arizona Wearing his Bush & City Shapeable

Customer wearing his Bush and City Shapeable, Waxed and Oiled Brown

The Bushwalker - Suede

Customer Alane wearing the Bushwalker Suede

Above, customer Alane; Happy to send along this photo of myself wearing my 
bark-colored suede Bushwalker at a music festival back in June of this year. 
It is of course, my favorite hat, and I get compliments whenever I wear it. 
Thanks for the Photo Alane, looks GREAT on you!

Gordon wearing his Bushwalker Suede

Above, customer Gordon H. wearing his Bushwalker Suede. Thanks Gordon!

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