How to Measure For A Hat 

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For a hat to fit properly, it is very important to measure your head size correctly before ordering. This is actually very simple. Using a tape measure, the type a seamstress uses is best because you can easily wrap it around your head (a piece of string will also work). Place the tape measure (or string) around your head slightly above the eyebrows and ears, approximately the width of a finger. If your measurement is tight, your hat may also be a tighter fit. A Loose measurement will result in a looser fitting hat. Take note of the measurement and repeat two or three more times to ensure a correct measurement. ( measure the string against a tape measure ) and find the measurement on the chart closest to yours. If you have not ordered a hat for a while, be sure to re-measure, as different hair styles, weight gain or loss, aging and other factors can give you a different hat size today than in the past.

The Chart Below is For the "BC HAT'S" line only!
If the chart below shows more than one measurement, it simply means if your head size measurement falls between these sizes, it should fit well. Example, A Medium Hat fits measurements of 21-7/8" to 22-1/4"






SMALL 6-3/4 54 21-1/8
TO SMALL 6-7/8 55 21-1/2
MEDIUM 7 56 21-7/8
TO MEDIUM 7-1/8 57 22-1/4
LARGE 7-1/4 58 22-5/8
TO LARGE 7-3/8 59 23
X-LARGE 7-1/2 60 23-1/2
TO X-LARGE 7-5/8 61 23-7/8
XX LARGE 7-3/4 62 24-1/4
TO XX LARGE 7-7/8 63 24-5/8
XXX LARGE 8 64 25

If you are unsure of the way to read the above tables, drop us an email or fax or phone, and we would be happy to help you with this.hatyourhead@aol.com

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